*Please note: The information below is derived from information supplied by FIDENZA GLASS BLOCKS but is generally applicable to all other brands.

  • SIZES (mm)
  • 190 x 190 x 80 (the most popular)
    190 x 94 x 80

    240 x 115 x 80
    300 x 300 x 100
    240 x 240 x 80

  • LIGHT TRANSMISSION may depend on patterns, shapes, finishes and colours. As an example a colourless block DT 190 x 190 x 80 generally gives light transmission of approximately 80%. A coloured block DT Nordica 190 x 190 x 80 gave a result of approximately 60%.

  • THERMAL INSULATION is equal to that achieved by standard double glazing. Larger blocks give better thermal insulation than smaller blocks.

  • SOUND INSULATION Tests indicate the certified sound insulation to be 40 dB at 500 Hz for 190 x 190 x 80 and 240 x 240 x 80 blocks.

  • FIRE RESISTANCE Certain glass blocks have been certified in Australia as "FIRE RATED". Two categories are available - 90 minute or 60 minute. Special installation methods are required for such panels - please consult GLASS BRICK COMPANY for more detailed information.

  • INTERNAL PRESSURE of glass blocks is lower than atmospheric pressure. In the event of breakage they tend to implode - a safety aspect. Condensation occurs at approximately -20ºC

  • NON-LOAD BEARING Generally glass blocks are not to be used in load bearing capacities. They should be installed independent of the surrounding structure and are only capable of sustaining their own weight together with horizontal loads generated by wind and impact.

  • PANEL DIMENSIONS should be limited. Height 6m maximum, Length 7.5m maximum with total panel area limited to 15m2

  • CURVED PANELS will be limited in radius depending on the size of the glass block used.

    Size of block
    Minimum Radius
    190 x 190 x 80 1400 mm
    190 x 94 x 80 700 mm
    240 x 240 x 80 2000mm
    240 x 115 x 80 850mm

  • WEIGHT of glass bricks varies with size. The total weight of a glass brick panel will naturally depend on the installation system used - mortar or silicone - but special structural supports are not required for standard window sizes.

    Size of block
    Weight (kg)
    190 x 94 x 80 1.3
    190 x 190 x 80 2.5
    240 x 115 x 80 2.2
    240 x 240 x 80 4.1

Please note: Detailed technical guides are available from GLASS BRICK COMPANY.