Glass bricks are installed by any of the following methods

  1. MORTAR method (used internally or externally)
  2. SILICONE method (used internally or externally)
  3. WOODGLASS method ( for internal use only)

    For each method GLASS BRICK COMPANY can supply a fully developed INSTALLATION SYSTEM.

    Fundamental elements of the Mortar and Silicone systems are the EZYLAY glass block frames which are completely universal - suitable for any form of construction - solid masonary, brick veneer, cavity brickwork and any form of cladding. Frames are fitted at the same time as other window frames. Woodglass is ideal for interior design and comprises a timber framework with the blocks held in by plastic gaskets - a dry method.


Comprises EZYLAY frame, spacers, expansion foam, reinforcing bars plus mortar mix.


Comprises EZYLAY frame, spacers, expansion foam, stiffener bars plus silicone.



Comprises timber framework and plastic gaskets

*GLASS BRICK COMPANY can supply you with a FULL INSTALLATION SERVICE if required.

All of the three systems of installation can be supplied in kit form and can easily be erected by competent tradesmen or the home handiman. Installation Guides are available.